connection problem / opensubtitles

I can´t download any subtitle.
How can I fix my network connection?

Probably not your network. Seems their having difficulties lately.

Try again later.

I have the exact same problem and it’s freaking CONSTANT. It cannot simply be the the downtime for Opensubtitles - for instance, today and yesterday there’s been about 15 minutes downtime, no more.

As it stands right now, it looks to me like Apple TV 4 + Infuse 4 + Opensubtitles is just simply broken. :frowning:

Can you reach opensubtitles from your computer? IF not you are maybe in Denmark or Norway. IF so you Will find the solution in another thread here

I’m from Italy and I had the same issue two days ago. I couldn’t download any subtitles from Infuse, Kodi or Plex server (on my Mac). Obviously the day that I completely wiped the Plex server, so I had not a single subtitle automatically downloaded at all. Then the day after it was fixed, Infuse was downloading them and refreshing all my Plex libraries they appeared as well. Via web it worked, though.