Connection error

Hi , since the last upgrade I keep getting the error : An error occurred . Sorry , infuse encountered an error while trying to connect.

It’s connecting trough smb , and even with ip fixed its the same. Sometimes it works.
Normally this problem occurs after the machine that’s sharing the disc (iMac ) goes to sleep and wakes

Best regdarsd

Update : Now it won’t work ever … :confused:
Not even if i setup a new share …

Hai JMGC, are you able to connect to the drives you are trying to connect with infuse with another computer ? So is it just infuse which can’t reach the disc or is the disc not at all reachable ? I have the same problem with my mac mini after a update in El Capitan. Since then i can’t reach external discs after the mac mini went to sleep. They just disappear on the mac mini. ;-( An restart will bring them back until the mac sleeps again. I haven’t find an answer and don’t know why it is happening. Anyway, are you sure the external disc is reachable at all ?

Hi rvos , I have to test it. It never occurred me that they could be unreachable

Best regdards