Connection Error

Recently upgraded to Infuse 2.1? I'm trying to network with my G5 PPC Mac running OS10.5.8. I had it connecting on the earlier version of Infuse but with no Airplay. Now I see that Airplay on my AppleTV is possible, BUT I keep getting a Connection Error when I set it up. It will not "find" my computer via Network Share, just keeps spinning. AppleTV can find my iTunes and I can network other computers on the WIFI LAN at home but no Infuse… "Sorry, Infuse encountered an error while trying to connect." NOT HAPPY :frowning:

Sorry to hear about your trouble.

Have you had a chance to look over the stream guide found at the link below?

Based on the behavior you're seeing, it sounds like SMB may not be enabled on your Mac.

James, thanks for getting back to me. I've looked at my network prefs and I can't see any "SMB" settings where are they? I have File Sharing ON in the networks prefs & have shared access to my drives.

My G5 is OS10.5.8 PPC not Intel & I noticed in the fine print that inFuse 2.2 needs OS 10.7 which is the Intel based OS. Should that make any difference in file sharing? I can network with windows machines as well as my daughter's Intel Mavericks iMac? so why can't inFuse even detect my machine?? I'm Puzzled

Enabling SMB on 10.5 may be a little different that Mavericks, but here is a guide that should help get you going. It just requires one extra step once File Sharing has been enabled.

Infuse 2 requires iOS 7 on your iPhone/iPad, but it should be able to stream from OS X 10.5 as long as SMB is enabled.

WELL why didn' Ya say so........ That's much better Many THANKS !!

Great! Glad you're up and running. :)