Connection error with Jellyfin 10.9.2

Firstly, I am running Jellyfin 10.9.2 and Infuse 7.7.5 in Direct Mode. I was connected via my localhost name, not IP. Connected via HTTP (8096). Apple TV 4K, running tvOS 17.5.1.

Been struggling with this bug since updating to Jellyfin 10.9.x and Infuse 7.7.2, Direct Mode. It seems that Infuse cannot negotiate multiple connections to a server and Jellyfin doesn’t care what a client likes, it just does its own thing. I’m still testing but so far it seems to have solved the issues. Should also work on Plex.

By default, Jellyfin broadcasts on multiple addresses. Setting a single IP in Networking/Bind to local network address gives Infuse a single connection point.

In my case, I was connecting via localhost (Server.local) and that meant tripping on the multiple addresses. Jellyfin broadcasts on a lot for some reason. I am now connecting directly by IP.

What’s strange is that it worked in the past with Jellyfin 10.8.x and Emby. So not sure what’s going on. Hopefully that helps some people.

There is definitely a bug in Infuse as closing it and ejecting it from multitasking makes it pick up the media. But sooner or later, play enough shows and it will break.

Do you have a connection limit set for this user in Jellyfin?

Unlike Emby which has a limit for simultaneous streams, Jellyfin uses this limit for all connections (not just playback).

My limit is set to 5 and it’s just me connecting. That also doesn’t explain why ejecting Infuse from of multi tasking “fixes” it. There also doesn’t seem to be anything in the Jellyfin logs to indicate Infuse hit the limit. But will keep that in mind. I’ll remove the limit and do more testing. So far the single IP seems to work but it does break using the localhost name so I have to connect via the actual IP.

My server is hardwired and wireless so the two interfaces might be what’s causing the issue?