Connection drops

I have the latest version of ATV Flash and Seasonpass - just installed 2 days ago - on my AppleTV 2. I set it up no problem, accessed the NAS on my Mac Mini, and watched DVDs. After the ATV went to sleep, upon waking the connection was lost. When I go to Shares and try and connect to the Server I get an AFP connection failed message.

I deleted the share, reinstated it, all worked no problem again. However, after waking from sleep again, the connection was lost again.

My Mac Mini is set to never sleep so I can’t understand why the connection keeps dropping. Anyone any thoughts?

BTW - when it does work it’s fantastic!

As far as I know this issue (or t least I think is your issue)  has been around for a long time.

I find that if I just back off and then re-try to make the connection then the connection succeeds without the need to go through setting up the share again.  

It looks as if it should be easily fixable by some sort of retry logic, but the fact that the error has been around for so long probably means that the issue is much harder to fix than appears to be the case on the surface.