Connection dropped from plex

Ever since infuse updated to 5.7.5. the infuse start well playing, then suddely drops connection. (monitoring with tautulli) works fine. Netflix etc. all work fine. only Infuse that have this problem.

Appletv 4 4K non-beta

Saw this in another thread and it may be related. I don’t run plex but it’s been an issue for others.

If you run a Synology NAS it may help.

Seems that Synology updated recently also and it caused some issues.

Still for the problem. Every night


Don’t have Synology server. But a freenas where Plex is in a VM of Ubuntu. Tried almost everything now. Plex app on Apple TV works fine. But infuse no dice

Hmm can’t update metadata either. Same error

Testet the on atv. works fine, watched a hole movie, tried to do the same on Infuse. keept getting “error” on content
tried adding the server agian. same error