Connecting to synology via 4G network

Hi guys, my bad if this matter has been already discussed before, but i cannot connect through INFUSE to my NAS when i have 4g/LTE network.Is there any kind of procedure?

Did you make sure you have cell data enabled for Infuse?

Yes i have them enabled

Can you connect to your NAS using the files app?

yes i can

anyway i am not sure about which protocol should i use : SMB,NFS,WebDav,WebDAV( HTTPS) , FTP

Have you read through the users guide?

no success :frowning:

When you say no success what did you try? There were a lot of variables in the users guide. What happens when you try?

Did you try setting up the Web Dav server and following the info on the Synology site?

That is the problem.I am not able to set up a Web Dav server.Or better, i do not understand how to do it

You might want to hire someone to do it. Or look at other options such as plex or emby.

You also may be able to get assistance from Synology customer service or their forum.

SOLVED.I did not install WebDAV Server app on my Nas.What a donk!

DANG dude! That was NUMBER 1 under Synology info linked above :man_facepalming:

LOL Glad ya got it whipped. Enjoy! :wink:

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