Connecting to EyeTV via Browser?

I have not been able to get it to work, but perhaps someone out there has some ideas. Eyetv when it is set up to share, shares via its own protocol, but also via bonjour. I can get to the website via bonjour, see the all channels section, but when I select a channel it punts me back to an upper level menu of the eyetv website. I think there is something happening with video codecs? but that doesnt feel right because the website is set up to work on the iphone/ipad, so the video should be in a streaming format that the appletv should understand, right?


Any way if anyone has any thoughts, this would be an interesting way to basically have a "cable" box in the apple tv although you would have to have an computer on elsewhere, that someone else was not using that specific eyetv device, I smell media server.