Connecting to Computer/Drive on another router (but same home network)

As the title suggests, is there a way to connect and read the drive on my computer from an iOS device, whereby my computer is networked to the same home network, but on a secondary router from where my iOS is connected?

Everything works fine when my iOS device is connected to the wireless router that my PC is connected to, but my TV sits in a living room with a different router, and I want to try and network connect infuse so I get to stream it in the other room right onto my Apple TV.

Anyone know whether there is a way to bypass the network with this?

If you're running 2 separate routers, it's likely you have 2 separate networks setup, which makes interactive with devices on different networks a bit tricky.

One solution for this is to setup one of the routers to act as a bridge, which essentially allows all the normal features of the router (Wi-Fi, Ethernet ports, etc...) to remain intact, but the actual routing is done by the other router. I know Apple routers support this feature, and I believe many other brands do as well.

Thanks for the reply.

You're right and I actually figured it out a few days ago. Instead of connecting my secondary router to the primary router via the internet line, I assigned an IP address to my router and connected it via one of the 4 ethernet outputs. Then I disabled DHCP. This then allowed the router to act as a bridge as you mentioned and I can now connect to my drive via the infuse app :D yay