Connecting to a mac or time capsule ?

I tried the free version of your application and I would like to see if the video sharing files from my mac works, but for the moment I can not do Well I put my username and my password. Same with Time Capsule, despite “guest” and the password …  
I am on the same wifi network. Help me please!

Sorry for my english, I hope you understand me.

I managed to connect by putting “administrator” (in French) for it to work on my Time Capsule last model!

By cons I do not always manage to connect to my MacBook Pro …
see attached picture … thank you

Nobody has a solution to connect to my macbook pro? :frowning:

One thing you may want to check is that SMB File Sharing is enabled on your MacBook.

More detials on enabling this can be found here.

SMB is enabled on my computer, but I had to activate windows shares (“Options ) so that it works strange is not it?