Connecting Time Capsule with AppleTV

I have a Time Capsule I had been using as a NAT along with providing wifi.

I recently upgraded my wifi hardware and have the Time Capsule connected in Bridge Mode with Wireless turned off.

I can connect to my Time Capsule from a mac without issue but when I configure Infuse I’m getting an error that Sorry, Infuse encountered an error while trying to connect

Settings in Infuse(AppleTV4)

  • Name: Time Capsule
  • Protocol: SMB
  • Address:
  • Username: admin
  • Password: *******

But for some reason I’m still getting that error, any thoughts?

Are you sure you have the correct password?


Also found this.

I wish they explained more about what the router issue they had was

From a macbook I’m able to connect to the time time capsule, no issues. It’s only through Infuse that I’m hitting the snag. I’ve checked, rechecked and checked the password again. That doesn’t seem to be it

This product only supports AFP and SMBv1, try switching modes to solve the problem, and use router address to connect.