Connecting stream from jailbroken apple tv running XBMC to IOS (also JB with xbmc)??


Whats the easiest way to set up a share in XBMC on the Apple TV and then to stream to an Iphone 4 running XBMC (JB)…?

When trying to connect to UPNP, it says remote share, can not connect to network server... 

My apple tv is a 1st gen with (ATVflash), does it have to be a new 2nd gen to stream to XBMC on a device?:confused:
When connecting via FTP with cyber duck from a mac to the TV, it is ftp://frontrow.appletv.local
In XBMC on the TV, add source, music, how would it be configured? something like UPNP://frontrow.appletv.local? or UPNP://users/frontrow/music? Does anyone know??

Cheers, Steve