Connecting Multiple USB Drives?

Hello. To start, great update and everything works just great. But I will soon have a problem… My 1 TB USB drive will soon be full and I have not completed yet the transfer of all my converted DVD and VHS movies. Is there anyone out there that have a USB hub connected to the ATV USB plug with 2 or more drive attached to it. Will it work? Will I need a powered USB hub or a non-powered hub will do? Many thanks.

Hi there!
That´s a bit complicated :slight_smile:

Yes, I have multiple hdd´s up and running via a powered hub. Even hotplugging works almost everytime. But it doesn´t work with every permutation of my hdd´s. I have a direct-powered one (1 GB) and three (320 GB each) powered via the hub. The three little ones are identical models (maybe that´s relevant, maybe not). I get the big one to work parallel with each of the little ones (one of them at a time). Using more than one of the little ones at a time results in having none at all available (even the big one dissappears). After that, I even have problems to mount them on my macbook …

I have read somewhere, different hubs show different results. That may be true.

A good idea would be to have the drives attached while booting. Hotplugging is a thing to try when things run smooth otherwise. The powered one spins down on an atv reset and is not recognized until switched off and on.

My solution is to plug some hdd´s to my mini and use mount points. The remaining two are directly attached.