Connecting infuse pro to pc external hard drive via smb

Sorry first post. Here is my situation.
i have no problem connecting infuse on my atv to my laptop via upnp/dlna protocal. The only problem is that the hard drive space on my laptop is limited.
i connected a 2tb external hard drive to my laptop and setting the folders in the external hard drive to share and all and turn on window file sharing on my window 10. hoping to connect via smb.
infuse on my atv detected the shared network but cant connect. Keep on saying error occurred.
i rebooted the laptop and reinstall the infuse app. Tried all the smb options including legacy. Still cant connect.
any suggestion?

Welcome to the forum!

Seems that Windows 10 is gnawing at a few users. See if this thread may shed some light on your problem. Error with Windows 10 PC

OMG! Adding another user did work!
Thank you so much for the suggestion. Really appreciated.

Glad it worked!

Almost as glad as knowing I never have to deal with Windows! LOL

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