Connected to plex: Wrong metadata In Infuse, correct in Plex.

I’ve connected infuse to my plex library and when I browse my movies I noticed that Bilar (Cars, in Swedish) had the wrong metadata in Infuse, but it’s correctly identified in Plex admin. I thought infuse used the metadata from plex instead of trying to identify movies?

Hmm, can you describe what you are seeing in Plex and what is appearing in Infuse?

Was the metadata recently changed in Plex?

Does using the ‘Refresh’ option in Infuse have any effect?

In infuse, the movie was wrongly identified as another Swedish film. In Plex, it was correctly identified as Cars. It was just added last night, so no updates as such. I manually corrected the movie in infuse, so I didn’t try the refresh option. Do you mean refreshing the library?