Connect to shared network drive through Time Capsule

Hi all,


I'm looking for detailed instructions of how to connect the Media Console Share to a shared HDD over a network provided by a Time Capsule.

I've manage to find some 101 instructions but they are no help to me as a newbie (, "..enter your device's details manually" is not much help at all...!!!

I have jail broken my ATV2 as per instructions and its all up and running fine. Access to the network is all sorted and I can set up a Share from the Media Console to the root folder of the Time Capsule but I do however cant seem to connect to the attached HDD.


The drive is all connected and visible through finder and my computer, the problem seems to be my ability to direct the Media Console Share to the attached HDD.



Found this post with people trying to have a similar set up and with some success. I have tried to follow the instruction but I get completely lost......


I also tried to place one of my .avi files directly on the Time Capsule root level and the Apple TV picked it up (loaded to the Library), however it came up with an error message when I tried to play there any known issues with playing avi (xvid) files..?

I'm relying on getting this to work as I'm  running out of option to view my avi files on my home network without streaming directly from a mac or pc. I did previously have a network attached HDD (through a ISP provided router / modem) but had to change router source as Mountain Lion had a AFP Legacy Device issue with the router prohibiting any access to a shared HDD for my mac.


I have so far no success at connecting to the shared network drive and the file that I did try from a different location does not play....WTF..!!!

What I've paid for so far is no more than just a few additional colourful boxes sitting on my ATV home page, completely unusable..................................................


Help...its doing my head in...!!!!!


What partition format is your external HDD formatted to?  I had no success with NTFS (w/ the support of files greater than 4GB), while formatting my drives to FAT32 has successfully been recognized with the ATV2 and Media Player as SMB Network locations.  However, I will always will need to Manage my Shares and Test Connection each time my ATV2 is booted.  I am assuming to refresh the Network shares each boot.