Connect to Plex?


I have 2 Apple TVs. One 4K and the other one the generation before that. On the 4K one I have the option to connect to Plex, on the older model I don’t. Is this because the clients are different or is it a different issue?

Thanks in advance

If they are running the same version of infuse then they should have the same features. What version of infuse is running on the older? I assume it is an ATV4 rather than an earlier version that does not support the app store (and thus infuse 5).

You’re right. For some reason the apple tv 4 app was an older version so now they both use the Plex connect feature. At first glance the “watched” flag is not copied between the 2 devices. That was why I wanted to use the Plex connection. Will that change when the library update is done? I reinstalled the app on both devices to make sure that everything is clean.

Infuse will sync the watched status from Plex, so it will stay in sync between all your devices.

One thing you may want to double-check is that you have connected to Plex using the ‘Connect to Plex’ option found in the Shares menu. Selecting the Plex share from the Available Shares list will cause Infuse to connect to Plex via DLNA, which will not sync the statuses.

Thanks for the help. Seems to all be working now :slight_smile:


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