Connect to Plex problem

Cannot connect to Plex.

Nothing happens when click/press “Continue with email”.

Purchased Infuse Pro today specifically for the Plex integration.

Plex was already on the iPad.

Hi, I purchased Pro today as well due to Plex integration. I was able to add my Plex account and the Movies are visible in “Folder” but nothing is visible in “Library”.
Another issue is “Search” icon there is nothing. Any suggestions?

How long have you waited? I did this yesterday with my iPhone and iPad and it took quite a while to get up-to-date, even though my Plex server is on my local network (home).

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Seven minutes.

Please quantify “quite a while”.

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It was at least 10 minutes…but I wasn’t timing it either. :slight_smile:

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But that’s enough to help. Thank you.

I’ll give a test with such an exorbitant and excruciatingly long time. :slight_smile:

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Hi, all seems to be fine after I checked again later ?

After connecting to Plex it may take a few minutes for Infuse to cache the info and artwork (maybe a bit longer if you have a massive library), but you can keep an eye on things through the Settings > Library menu.

Please note the topic drift.

Original post is will not connect to Plex at all. (Does not get to issueing the device authorization code.)

Even with a fifteen minute wait does not proceed to next step.

Hmm, so after tapping the ‘Continue with Email’ it simply doesn’t do anything?

Are you using any Safari content blockers?

Can you try clearing your Safari cache as described here? Clear the history, cache, and cookies from Safari on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch - Apple Support

Identified the extreme oddity.

Cannot use the Apple Pencil to click the “Use email” button for Plex/Infuse in Safari.

Must use finger.

I am now successfully connected to my Plex server on the iPad.