Connect to Plex locally without an account

It looks like Plex has removed the need to login to connect to Plex server locally. Can infuse remove that need now?


Hello - I have a test Plex server that I’d like to access within Infuse. It’s not associated with a account, and I’d like to keep it that way. Would it be possible to set a second Plex server using only IP:PORT? I couldn’t find this functionality; Infuse always redirects to The native Plex app has this functionality, but it’s broken (only works immediately once set; does not work after you close the app and have to redo the configuration to make it work each time). Thank you!

I am looking for this feature as well. It seems to be available with Emby and with Jellyfin but not with Plex. Are we really limited to using Plex’s online service? I want to stream from my RV’s Plex server when I am off the grid.

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I just created an account to request exactly this. Please support this feature, thank you! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Can we please add ability to add a local plex server using IP:PORT and Credentials or some auth key?

Come on