Connect to Itunes Logo



I completed the whole process with jailbreak my ATV2. 

Itunes confirmes that the process is completed and says connect to TV.


But when i connect my ATV2 to my tv all i can se is connect to the Itunes Logo?


What to do? I did the process several times no luck! Please help!!!

Are you sure that you used the very latest SeasonPass to do the jailbreak released in the last few days? That is the symptom I would expect from the earlier tethered jailbreak.


100% sure. I got so many errors trying to jaibreak my ATV2. error 11, 1601-1604 in itunes. This last time i got 

“This device isn´t eligible for the requested build” both with seasonpass and just itunes. I ran out of option and i just plugged it in to my TV one last time and it worked?!?! Don´t know what i did but it works? So strange.

The weirdest thing is that Itunes could not restore original firmware. Should i be worried that something is seriously wrong with my ATV?