Connect OLD Apple TV (as AVI file server) to NEW Apple TV

I have an older, FireCore flashed Apple TV which has numerous AVI files on it. Is there a way for the NEW Apple TV to recognize the old Apple TV and pull AVI files from it directly from the NEW Apple TV menu.

I am assuming at this point there is NO WAY to attach an external drive (or USB DRIVE) to NEW Apple TV. That would be the easiest method. 

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Yes, this can be done by enabling the File Sharing option on the silver AppleTV (Maintenance --> Settings) then setting up a share on the black AppleTV.

More details on setting up a share can be found here.

Thanks. From the Add Share menu on BLACK Apple TV I don’t see any folders from the old (Silver) Apple TV coming up. Do I need to add the details of the old Apple TV (OTHER) manually?

NOTE: I did turn on file sharing on the old (SILVER) Mac.




Yes, the share will need to be setup manually. The connection details (specific to your AppleTV/network) will be listed on the silver AppleTV when highlighting the File Sharing option.

The username/password for connecting are both ‘frontrow’ (without quotes).

Worked like a charm. Thanks so much!