Connect Infuse to NAS over Internet

I’m trying to connect my Infuse library to my Synology NAS - over the Internet, when I’m not in my WIFI. I found this document:

I just don’t know where to enter which credentials. Which protocol should I use? Is the address the IP of my NAS? Why is in this field “iMac.local”??? Do I have to add a port number or a path? It’s not very self-explanatory…

Any help is appreciated


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Did you read the section that is specifically for the Synology NAS? It explains how to use WebDAV to connect remotely. It’s located near the bottom of the page you referenced.

Hi NC_Bullseye,

yes I did. I tried, but couldn’t manage to connect to the server. I tried every combination that I could figure out. Some details or an example would be very helpful. All I get at the end is some message, that the connection failed - without any reason.

What exactly is the “Address”. Is that my server’s external IP? Do it have to add the port with a “:” or a https beginning?

Second question: what happens to my library if I connect it to the same server once within my Wifi and once externally via WebDAV? How will Infuse handle the duplicates?

The address will be your external IP. Make sure you have port forwarding setup on your router for WebDAV.

If you have an external and internal connection to the same source using different addresses then you’ll get duplicates because they’re treated as separate sources. My advice would be to get a dns service such as dyndns. Add your server based on the host name ie: and then put DNS entries on your local DNS to prevent your phone/AppleTV from attempting an external connection when your at home (ie: put in a host record for that points to or whatever your NAS is)

The DNS step might be unnecessary if your firewall does NAT pinning properly.

Hi Jarvis,
thanks for clearing this up - but it’s not working. The IP is correct as I can reach the server with DS File from Synology. The credentials are correct. Port forwarding is set, as they are the same as for DS File. What else could I be doing wrong?

DS File does not use webdav it uses its own synology provided method for accessing files remotely. Webdav standard port is either port 80 or 443. You’ll have to connect with either the external IP address or a dynamic DNS hostname. Do not use the synology quick connect hostname as this is not compatible with any services other than those provided with synology apps.

An easier method might just to be use FTP for both internal and external on your synology. It’s easier to setup and manage and it’ll also be faster.

A little more on webdav and Synology

Hi Bullyseye - thanks. That article helped a lot!