Connect Apple TV to TC with ethernet? PLEASE HELP!?!

I’m trying to boost my streaming speed for watching movies and shows thru Nito. I’m using an original Time Capsule for the base of my wireless network. It also store some of my iMac’s files. I have most of my media (photos, music, movies etc.) stored on a outboard hard drive (iOmega). My living room and TC/router/iMac are separated by one wall but the distance is 50 ft. I’m trying to figure out if I can connect my TC to the Apple TV with an ethernet cable. If so, does it need to be a crossover type? How exactly would the connection take place? I have two LAN ports to spare on the TC. Any info would greatly be appreciated. I have spent hours searching the net.

current set-up:

  • Motorola router to TC (ethernet)
  • TC to iMac Intel Core Duo 2 GHz (ethernet)
  • iMac to iOmega HD (firewire)

just plug the appletv into ethernet port of your tc.
will work (ip will change most probably).

How do I get internet on another computer using an ethernet cable? I have the Fios router connected to the computer with internet. An ethernet cable coming out of the router that plugs into the ethernet plug in the back of the other computer. From there how do I set it up so that I can get internet onto other computer.

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