Confused with AdobeFlash installation....!

I installed AdobeFlash on ATV, but used the “CoreAudioKit.Framework” file from my current macbook which is up-graded to Leopard.

As this didnt work, I dug out my start-up disks. Which are OSX Tiger 10.4.6. The file on this CD is called “CoreAudio.Framework” there is no “Kit” in the title.
I deleted the first file, using cyberduck and then replaced this with the one from 10.4.6. I changed the filename to “CoreAudioKit.Framework” but this is still not working. I re-booted ATV and still this doens not work.

Can you tell me:
Will the 10.4.6 'CoreAudio" file work?
How do I un-install AdobeFlash and re-install it with the new file?

Hoping someone can help :0(