Confused: Infuse Pro 4.36 vs Infuse Pro 5

Hey all,

First off, absolutely love Infuse - it makes the Apple TV and video on iOS is now a pleasure!

I was wondering if someone could help me understand…I was looking forward to using Infuse with the iPhone X - having it take up the full screen. I bought Infuse Pro a while back and only now realise there’s a new one Infuse Pro 5.5 currently for £12.99.

Right now the only feature I want, compared to the 4.3.6 is the zoom for the iPhone X - I’m looking through the release notes, can someone tell me in like their own words how it differs? Like what real-world use cases etc, what do you enjoy in the new version?

I’m happy to pay, I just want to feel like I’m getting more features than the one I really want (the zoom for the X)

Infuse 5 includes quite a few new additions, and full support for iPhone X is coming within the next few days in the 5.6 update.

A bit more info on what else has been added in the past few months can be found here.

I would also suggest that you look into the difference between buying infuse 5 pro outright vs buying a subscription…

if you buy it outright it continues to work as infuse 5 pro forever, so you only get update versions until firecore releases infuse 6.

If you buy the pro version by subscription it works as the pro version for as long as you have a valid subscription and you get upgrade versions even when firecore release infuse 6 or later version.

Of course no one knows when firecore will decide to release infuse 6.
Firecore have been pumping out update releases on a reasonably regular basis this year.

How do you buy a subscription? I thought you can only get this from the App Store.

And 5.6 is out. For me looks alone is a good reason to upgrade.

There are 2 separate versions of Infuse 5 in the App Store:

  • Infuse Pro 5 which is the version you buy outright.
  • Infuse 5 which you do an in-app purchase of the subscription to get the Pro feature.