Confused by versions and subscription

Hi, I’ve been a long time user of Infuse and seem to have paid a few times. I’ve always been happy to do that as I think it’s by far the best video app for Apple products.

From what I’ve seen here, version 5.6.6 is the latest but at the bottom of my Settings page on both iPad and iPhone X, I see Infuse Pro 5.6.5 (1906). Is that the latest version? Also, how can I tell if I’ve subscribed and how can I tell if I took out a lifetime subscription? In the app store it shows a disabled Subscribe button so I assume I’m subscribed but that is next to Infuse 5 which is in the cloud and not installed. The separate Infuse Pro 5 in the App Store shows the Open button so that is what I have installed. I know sometimes I have had both Infuse and Infuse Pro installed. I’ve not looked at my Apple TV recently but I’m pretty sure it has 2 if not 3 Infuse icons on its screen.

Thank you

Sorry for the confusion.

The 5.6.6 update included a fix for Family Sharing that really only applied to the free Infuse 5 app. There were no other changes in 5.6.6, so the latest version of the standalone Infuse Pro app is 5.6.5. We typically keep both at the same version number, but in an effort to get a fix out before the App Store holiday shutdown we didn’t push an update for Infuse Pro 5.

If you want to check your Infuse Pro subscription you can do this via Settings > App Store > Apple ID > Subscriptions. If you purchased the standalone Pro app, then you won’t really need a subscription, but having a subscription would allow you to update to major releases in the future (v6, v7, etc…). A little more info on the differences between the In-App Purchases and standalone paid app can be found here.

Hope this helps!

Thank you James. I did think there was a one-off lifetime payment but that does not seem to be the case. 5.99 is good value though.

There is a one-time lifetime option, though this is only available in the free Infuse 5 app.

This will include the same exact features as the subscription (all Pro features, access to future updates like v6, v7, etc…) but with just a one-time fee instead of ongoing.

I seem to have a problem with my subscription. I pay 5.99 per year and last paid on 8th March 2019. My current version is Infuse Pro 5.9.6 2484 and was excited to receive the email that version 6 has been released. I went to the App Store but it shows no Infuse update as pending so I searched for Infuse Pro. It shows I have Infuse 6 in the cloud which I assume I do not want to install as it is not the Pro version. It also shows Infuse Pro 5 that I can open so I ignore thatmas it will open my current version. It shows Infuse Pro Upgrade which I can view which then shows I can open my Infuse Pro 5 or upgrade to Infuse Prom 6 for £24 which I did not think I would have to pay as a subscriber. It also shows Infuse Pro Yearly and shows that I’m subscribed. When I click on that it takes me to Infuse 6 which I was reluctant to install as it does not say Pro. Eventually I took a chance and it does appear to have installed the Pro version.
Much as I love Infuse, I do thing this is a totally confusing mess! But I seem to have got it eventually.

Sorry for the confusion, but glad you got it sorted out.

It seems there was a delay in the updates rolling out in certain regions, which prevented them from appearing as updates right away. Since you’re on the subscription, your app will continue to be updated, so there will never be a ‘new’ app you’ll need to install.

It is a complete MESS!
I have Infuse v5 pro on my aTV, iPad & iPhone yet see no free upgrade path all I see is option to repurchase v6. What is going on? As per your email it says free upgrade to v6. I do see v6 with in app purchases that is not an upgrade path to V6Pro.

Also, if I open infuse 6 on any device and try to upgrade to “pro” I get 4 options 2 which make no sense and conflict with each other.
Lifetime is $39.99 but at the end it also shows a Lifetime “forever PRO”. What are the differences and how can there be two lifetime and two pro versions? Infuse is constantly a MESS when it comes to buying.

Read carefully. The mail reads as follows: “Infuse 6 is a free upgrade for all Pro subscribers (monthly, yearly, lifetime).”

The standalone app called Infuse 5 Pro is no subscription. It was an one-off payment and enables Pro only within this app and only for version 5.

Also, if I open infuse 6 on any device and try to upgrade to “pro” I get 4 options 2 which make no sense and conflict with each other.
Lifetime is $39.99 but at the end it also shows a Lifetime “forever PRO”. What are the differences and how can there be two lifetime and two pro versions? Infuse is constantly a MESS when it comes to buying.

The cheaper offer is an special offer for users of Infuse 5 Pro (standalone-app and old In-App-Purchase). It should only show up if you have Infuse 5 Pro installed on your device. The second more expensive offer is the regular price.

Thank you James for the very quick reply. Whatever minor problems I had with the upgrade (I expect it was late in my region) are completely wiped out by Infuse being such a fantastic app. Until I discovered Infuse some years ago, I paid for and tried many media players and most of them had problems and were low quality. Infuse is in a different league and I’ve had no need to investigate other players after finding Infuse.
Well done to all.

So what is the heck is the $20.00 upgrade for?
This is ridiculous you have a $20.00, a $24.99, a $39.99 and a $54.99 for the same damn software.

$24.99 no upgrade → Infuse 6 Pro Standalone App for everyone
$20.00 price for completing the app bundle consisting of Infuse 5 Pro and Infuse 6 Pro, build to enable a reduced price for existing users of the Infuse 5 Pro.
$39.99 price for lifetime subscription for existing customers of Infuse 4 Pro or Infuse 5 Pro. 4 Pro or 5 Pro must be installed on your device or this reduced offer will not show as option.
$54.99 regular price of lifetime subscription available for everyone.

Standalone app: Infuse 6 Pro only! Infuse 7 means you have to purchse Pro again!
Subscription: Pro for any future version of Infuse. No matter if its Infuse 6, 7, 8, …


just one question…

I got Infuse 5 pro on my ipad, (I already had infuse 4 pro, paid something linke 15 or 25€ to updrade to Infuse 5 pro) and now I upgraded to Infuse 6 pro for another 25€. is this the lifetime option?

does it mean that from now on I am going to have all the pro versions for free?
i.e. if Infuse 7 pro rolls out, am I going to get it for free?

If you have the stand-alone Pro versions of InFuse then you only get upgrades within the same major version. Upgrades to the next major version are chargeable.

If you start with the free version of InFuse 6 (or InFuse 5) and use the in-app purchase option to take out a subscription to get the Pro features then future upgrades to new versions are free for the life of the subscription. The Lifetime option that is being mentioned is amongst these options.

is there a way to have a refund for the upgrade from the standalone Infuse 5 to the standoalone infuse 6 in order to make the lifetime subscription?

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I would also like to know this. :slight_smile:

Love the product, development and community but if I knew that going from 5 pro standalone to 6 pro standalone would
a) leave me without my settings, locations and terabytes of scraped and organized data
b) now make me unable to get any special price for lifetime subscription
I would have chosen another path for upgrades and to support the team. Love the update though! (when I get the time to rebuild my library)

Apple have a refund process and provided you apply soon after a purchase you should be automatically refunded.

I went through this when Infuse 5 first came out and I bought the Infuse 5 Pro app and within a few days realised for my expected use I should have bought the subscription. The refund went through no problem.

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If you want to switch from the bundle to lifetime, you should be able to obtain a refund from Apple by tapping the ‘report a problem’ link found on your iTunes receipt.

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