Confused about versions and updates....

Sorry about the newbie question. I have been reading posts and trying to figure out if I can jailbreak two aplle tv 2’s I have. The previous owners did online updates on them, if I go to the about screen it lists…

Apple TV Software=6.1(6698.99.16)

Can I jailbreak this?

Do I have to get a copy of an older version and have itunes do a restore?

Having a hard time with the version numbers and all this signing stuff, tried using seas0n pass to jailbreak, but got an error when backing up the firmware. Not sure if I did something wrong, or the version on them is compatible.

Any help would be appreciated…

No need to backup firmware first since you are on the latest.

You can jailbreak those ATV’s you have to the latest jailbreakable version (5.3) (see here for a list of the jailbreaks:
Just get the latest seasonpass, right click create ipsw, choose 5.3, wait till done.

iTunes id no longer opened to jailbreak, so don’t be concerned when it doesn’t open.