Confused about Sapphire and OOTB Apple TV setup I have. Newb


I just installed ATV3.2 mainly to get the couchsurfer. Id like to use more features but it doesnt seem to work as id hoped.

Basically I have a 40GB Apple TV and used to/still do stream from iTunes on my iMac. Im happy with this - I have several iPods so its convenient to have all my media in formats which work on Apple TV and my Iphone etc.

Id like to use something like Sapphire to improve the experience (meta etc), but it seems like its designed to work with file that have been places onto the Apple TV? Does it even understand what is being streamed from my iMac? Will it ever ‘find’ my streamed media?

I think im very confused! Please help


You’re not the only one. I can’t really figure out Sapphire either.

Sapphire is only able to import data for media stored in the frontrow/Movies directory or on an external hard drive. It won’t find media stored on another computer :frowning:

This is ASNINE being that MOST USERS USE ITUNES and another computer.

Sapphire is not designed to enrich the media in iTunes, as that media usually already has cover art and other meta data. Sapphire is designed for media that is not supported by iTunes, and that you either copy directly to the Apple TV via FTP, or have on an external hard drive. This media usually has no cover art or meta data whatsoever, so Sapphire is the perfect solution.

hi -

i have the same concerns. purchased the FW yesterday to be able to better handle movies in itunes, stored separately from the apple tv. you mention that it understands external drives. any way to recognize a network drive (i.e., time capsule)? can it lock into a share point? thx.

the browser also hangs all the time, even on the simplest of sites, but i guess that is a different thread.

at least the FW didn’t brick my machine.

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