Confused about listings

I realise that showing “extras” folders in file listings is yet to be implemented but it does seem to partially work.
For example I have a folder with 7 other folders contained within it. One of those folders just contains shorts. The others contain a movie file and a folder of extras.
When I look at these I see the enclosing folder (as expected) but then within that folder I see 3 folders for 4 of the movies and the 3 other movies by them selves as well as a folder containing all the shorts.
If I look into the folders I see the enclosed movie and a folder of extras. brilliant!
But why am I seeing this for only 3 of the movies? All the movies are in their own folder and all have an extras folder too. Yet I only see this for 3 of the movies?!?
I am wondering why can I see the extras folder for 3 of the 6 when they are all structured the same way.

i am using the listing view by title option in the latest version of infuse pro on my Apple TV.
All files reside on a server volume.

Without seeing the actual names of the files and folders I’d guess that the folder with extras in it for each movie has a different name for some of the movies. Also, if there is a movie folder with an ignored name for the extras and the only other file in it is the movie then that will flatten out to showing the movie and not the movie folder.

Here’s a users guide on how to label folders of extras to have Infuse ignore them.

Worked it out.
If the movie folder contains two or more files with the same title infuse will display the folder’s contents.
The folder that dispayed the extras folder were those that had more than one version of the movie.
So in the 3 folder that didn’t show the extras folder I simply added another small video file with the same title as the movie file with an added tag to say it was a dummy.
Sure enough all 6 movie folders now display their extras folder and it contents.
A viable workaround until Infuse can show extras itself.

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