Confused about 5.2.1

Hi there.

so before you all go crazy with the “it is already written in this forum” well, please think few weeks or month back when you were started.

So here is the situation. Even though I SSHed the ATV2 to setup the local host as update server and even though I never actually selected update, my ATV got automatically updated last day when I switch from Wireless to Wired.

That said there is a lot of confusion

I understand that I can only get the tethered boot for the latest firware, but is is mandatory to use

Or can just use the last version of seasonpass to create the 5.2.1 and then tethered from there?

Also the Downgrade does seem to work for Mac , any update on this?

Last but not least , I asked my neighbor to bring his Windows laptop and the last version of seasonpass (Windows XP) does not show the tethered option, is it normal?


Finally I really don’t want to end with a useless piece of plastic of if someone got the same issues I got, what did you do ?

Thanks a lot everybody/