Confirmed: Apple TV 3 jailbreak is in the works


That’s Kind of strange being that just last week one of the main hackers(pod) stated he wasn’t working on a jailbreak and he didn’t knew of anyone working on one.

Now this week firecore is confirming someone is working on it and it will be available in the future… the future can be anytime, maybe tomorrow or 5 years from now, so if they aren’t sure why even bother putting up this article.


most of the previous breaks were done by pod and people he in his circle!

atv3 can not JB at ios 5.X

Yes we can

lopoc, why don’t you stop wasting or time if you don’t have anything valuable to post don’t post it because no where in those tweets says anything about a break for the gen 3 all it recommends is not to up date to the next firmware ios6 when it’s released and everyone knows that already

 are you living under that stone for a long time .Dude get a life. Or did you have a fight with your wife ?



okay??? where in your post does it say anything about a jailbreak being in the near future?? again stop wasting people time and posting things that doesn’t have anything to do with the original post

I agree with u, all the thing about atv 3 JB are " in the near further, maybe". There is not even one single working test method, usually it takes months from initial JB to release…


yes these need to be closed they just waste time and space.  when/if there is an atv3 jb it will be posted.  until then there isn’t one.  

everyone who wants to use an atv jb now go buy a atv2 and quit complaining.  they are all over the net!

simple as that!

Maybe a jailbreak won’t be needed at all if Apple actually opens up the ATV to apps in another month as is speculation.  Then there’s the Firecore ‘help name our app’ contest announced yesterday that helps add to that speculation.  If you’re gonna dream may as well dream big. :)

I think this is a very strange forum .A forum where you cant’s say wat you want about atv2 or atv 3.




yes, people will call you on it if you post BS.

Joshua Hill aka p0sixninja aka Greenpoison guy


is the man on the job eyes open guys


I never come here again wat a BS forum/Site

Don’t be so sensitive, guys just bited you a little to show that they know more than anyone here :wink:

As you should know, FireCore said there is people working on the jailbreak, all that the ATV3 is lacking is an injection vector, the ATV3 auto shuts off it’s micro-USB when it’s done booting…


He is working on ATV 3 JB? Or not, just curious?


Pieter Janssens ‏@piejanssens

@p0sixninja I challenge you to JB the ATV3 :-p #CHALLENGE

Joshua Hill Joshua Hill ‏@p0sixninja

@piejanssens it’s really not a challenge, which is why it’s not interesting


It’s simple. The issue is hardware not software. The new chip will probably never be exploited because they built it without any openings. No doors, windows, vents or plumbing. 

I was stupid enough to buy atvflash for appletv black without knowing if it was version 2 or 3. my version doesn’t have a usb so i guess it’s appeltv 3 and now my atvflash i just bought is useless because i cannot jailbreak the Appletv 3. May be some info should be be added on the firecore website that would be more precise than just “appletv black” and warn people that it would not work on the other apple tv black that is number 3 !!! Otherwise people new into this realise what’s going wrong just when they try the stuff and get stucked at some point …



It does say that the gen 3 cannot be jailbroken.


Apple TV 3 update in the works! When available, current aTV Flash (black) users will receive a free upgrade to the ATV3 version.”