configuring tunnelblick

I have installed tunnelblick on my atv but am struggling to understand how i transfer configuration files from my vpn to atv. I use a PC to sync with ATV and ’ my private network’ as the vpn provider- can anyone help?


You can transfer files to the AppleTV via FTP as described here:

VPN setup guide can be seen here:

I have an account with Witopia and I therefore was trying to use the Tunnelblick to get it working. I had some issues but eventually got it to work where it was enabled. However, in trying to open a browser page it takes a long time and eventually shows me an error loading message. If I go back to settings and disable the Tunnelblick, then go back to a browser and test that same web page it works. So, I believe the connection is setup correctly, but for some reason it blocks all traffic while connected.

Anybody have any thoughts?


Were do i get those files from my provider? I only have user and pass.

Thanks for the advise?

Your best bet is to contact your provider and let them know you wish to use Tunnelblick to connect to their VPN network. They should be able to provide you with the proper files.