Configuring Multiple User Profiles on Apple TV: Including Children's Accounts

Greetings fellow forum members,

I am seeking assistance with a technical query that revolves around the management of multiple Apple TV user profiles, including those designated for my children. I have successfully established distinct accounts (profiles) on two Apple TV devices within my household, catering to both myself, children and my partner

The objective is to ensure that the favorites, ongoing shows, and other personalized settings for each user remain isolated and easily accessible. Despite my efforts to navigate the settings and configurations, I have yet to discover an optimal solution. My aspiration is to create an environment wherein my profile presents my preferred content, my partner’s profile hosts theirs, and similarly, my children’s profiles encompass their individualized selections.

If any forum members have successfully addressed this scenario or possess insights into its resolution, I would greatly appreciate your guidance. This endeavor feels akin to orchestrating a meticulous digital symphony, and I am eager to hear the wisdom and experiences that this community can offer.

Warm regards


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