Configuring aTV Flash to read TimeCapsule attached USB drive

The Setup
I have a Time Capsule (Device name:Xenon) running as my main network access point and running backups. Attached to it, I have a 1TB USB MyBook (Xenon USB)
There are also a MacMini, MacBook Pro and MacBook on the network, but I don’t see this as being particularly relevant to my scenario (but correct me if I’m wrong).

I have now added a new Apple TV with ATVFlash in the bedroom. (I did consider another MacMini but I just don’t need that much power for the job I want it to do).

What I want to do
I want to store a central repository of all my video (mostly DVD rips via HandBrake to save messing with physical media), music and photos on the USB drive attached to the Time Capsule and be able to access them from my Apple TV without the need for any of the other computers or iTunes to be involved.

Where I’m at now
I believe the setup I have should allow me to do this, but getting it all to work is another matter. I’ve been looking around the forums for articles that might help and although there have been some which looked like they might be relevant and point the way, I’ve not found any that have in practice worked in this configuration.

I’d be grateful for any help in diagnosing what additional information I need to provide (such as permissions, settings, drive format) in order to gather the information necessary to hook up the Apple TV to the rest of the network as desired.

Try this:

SMB Mount

My Setup:

  1. Apple TV 1.0 with latest version of apple software (as of 3/28/09)
  2. Gigabit Home Network
  3. Airpot Extreme/And Time Capsule Attached via Ethernet w/ 2TB WD Hard Drive (with Video_TS files) attached to it via USB
  4. In the Airport Extreme settings under the tab “Disks” I changed the settings to “Enable File Sharing” and AirPort Disks Guest Access to “Read Only”

Setup Guide from Start to Finish:

  1. Restored Apple TV to original software (1.0)
  2. Booted up, installed latest apple tv software (2.3.1)
  3. Downloaded atv Flash onto patchstick
  4. Unplugged ATV
  5. Plugged in patchstick, booted ATV - Install Successful Message Appears
  6. Rebooted ATV
  7. Go to NitoTV > Install Software > Smart Installer - Ran, Rebooted after
  8. Went to NitoTV > Network > Add Manual Share Point
  9. Entered this Info:

Name: Movies (use anything label want; i.e. movies, tv shows, music, ect…)
Network Address: Kozloff.local (airportExpressName.local)
Login Type: Guest (unless you’ve setup your Extreme to require a password for disc access, then choose registered user and enter the user/pass)
Volume Path: 2TB Black (Enter the Drive Name Attached to Airport Express)

The next screen (on mine) will look like this:

Mount Name: Movies
Mount Type: SMB ← Change to SMB!!!
Mount Address: Kozloff.local
Requires Authentication: No
User Login:
Volume Path: 2TB Black
Auto Mount: On <–Change to “On”!!!
Use Custom Path: Off (Change to “On” if you have separate folders on the same drive you want to jump to directly)
Custom Path:
Extra Arguments:

Choose “Save Mount Point.” You can always edit it later.

Now, go to NitoTV > Files > 2TB Black (or whatever folder is mounted) and browse your movies. Worked for me, hope this works for you too.