Condense singular shows or movies into one entry in the Now Playing list specifically

I’ve always thought the Watching playlist should act more like a collection than a Playlist in terms of grouping the media together.

But since I’ve been adding making use of the multiple versions feature so often lately it’s become bothersome dealing with how Watching doesn’t group media together when it feels as if it should.

Shows suffer a similar annoyance where if you are trying to find the episode you’re on by watching the recaps until you finally find it, you’ve got 3 or 4 episodes in your Watching list when it seems more intuitive to show you the latest episode you have been Watching in that TV Show instead of multiple entries of each episode you parsed thru to find the one you were on.

do you have 4 (or more) versions of the movie Interstellar? How do you have them named?

I have exactly 4 versions of Interstellar. I encode Blu-Rays at multiple resolutions so each device connected doesn’t waste bandwidth. For interstellar, I have 720P, 1080P, 4K, and then an extra test encode for 4K.

I understand why the multiple versions are in the Watching list - probably because I play them each for a minute or so to make sure there weren’t any errors with the encode. So I know the “why”, but I still think that the Watching list should be special and “overwrite” instead of “duplicate” an entry in the Watching playlist per “movie” or per “tv show” (as explained above).

I often have to press too many buttons to get those items off my Watching list since the contextual menu doesn’t work for the “Watching” playlist on tvOS (I reported this bug here: Add contextual menu when long pressing a Continue Watching episode (tvOS-only)) - not to mention there really should be a “Remove from Watching” single-action contextual menu item for shows / movies (like most other streaming apps have) but that’s a different suggestion I need to make on here.

Here is a similar phenomenon with tv shows, two of these episodes I’m sure I finished watching and maybe the second one is one where I mistakenly clicked the wrong episode.

But even this situation would be mitigated by “Showing only one item in a group of movies or only show the latest in a group of tv episodes” within specifically the “Watching” specially-handled smart playlist.