Concerts merged with movies


Since few weeks I was using PLEX, but i stopped because it cannot manage saga and read BRD folders.

So now I have quite a brand new Apple TV 4K & Infuse but, because there is a but, my concerts are merged with my movie. Indeed, Infuse does not allow us to add concert as a category, with is a shame if you want my opinion, but instead of being in the “other” category, they’re now in the “movie” category.

Any idea ?

Thanks !

I put all my concerts in a CONCERTS folder, and created a favorite from that folder which I put on the homescreen.
I don’t use the library, just the favorites bar and created favorites for KIDS, HOME VIDEO, 3D, etc



Thanks, I’m using the library.


Since there isn’t a “concert” category, what exactly are you asking? Creating a favorite of “Concerts” is an easy to implement solution.

Do you want them in other or do they actually match up with movies from and you just want them labeled as concerts instead of movies?

I would like infuse to manage concerts as a category and I’m wondering why my concerts are merged with my movies, before suppressing PLEX, they where in “Others”

In order to give you any kind of answer as to why their in the movie section instead of the “other” it’d be necessary to know the file names and other info like how you’re now connected if not by plex share.

As to Infuse having a concert category, it currently doesn’t. It may have that ability in the future but for now the option above fills the need. You can do a forum search for adding categories to the Library section since there have been different categories requested in the Suggestions sub forum.

You can keep abreast of upcoming planned features here Upcoming Features (updated 12/19/23) and I see that “Additional Library filters (by actor, director, etc…)” is on the planned list so you may get this feature in the near future.

You CAN have a CONCERT genre in the library.
If you create a custom xml file for a concert, and in the xml file set the genre as CONCERT, the genre CONCERT will show up in the library as well.
But you have to create a custom xml for all your concerts….


All my files are stored in my Synology NAS using SMB, I have a shared called Video with sub folders : Movies, TV shows & Concert.

All my files are named like this : Adele - Live at the Royal Albert Hall (2011)

Again, my concerts used to be in « Others », it was ok for me, now the are in the Movie Category…

In the future, hmmm…

I know, I’m excepting some since more than a year


Thanks, this not really what I expect from a software like Infuse but I’ll check.

Just like hYb mentionned, I would create a CONCERTS folder, and a favorite from that folder which I would put on the homescreen.
Then in settings just remove that share from the Library, for concerts not to be in Others.

The reason they are showing up in movies is because you have them named using the format that Infuse uses to identify movies. It seems that it’s correctly matching the file to the metadata for it here Adele: Live at the Royal Albert Hall (2011) — The Movie Database (TMDB)

Now if that’s not the correct info then you can try changing the file name in a way that would cause Infuse to not try to put it in the movie category when it finds a match for it there. Maybe “Adele - Live at the Royal Albert Hall (Concert) (2011)” and see if that drops it back in the “other” category.

Another option to remove these from the Movies category is to have Infuse use local metadata for these videos.

To do this, locate the folder containing these concerts in Infuse, long-press on it, and select the ‘Use Local Metadata’ option.

Doing this will move these videos from the Movies category and place them into Other.

Thanks !

Can I “just” add poster for the concert or do I need an .XML file ?

You can add a poster, an xml file, or both.

Adding neither would simply cause Infuse to generate the info from the video itself.

Ok, thanks.


Two live are still in the movie section :

  • Peace Notes Live in Venice (Ennio Morricone)
    -Loud Tour, mive at the O2 (Rihanna)

Any idea ? Thanks

If you prefer to have these excluded from the Movies section, try this.

  1. Long press on the folder containing your concerts
  2. Select the ‘Use Local Metadata’ option
  3. All items in the folder will be removed from the Movies and/or TV shows section, and placed into Other and embedded/local metadata will be used

Thanks, but I already did it , I have a dedicated folder for my concerts.