[Concept] Infuse 7UI

Amazing! Infuse would be absolutely perfect if it looked like that.


While I’m not agreeing with some of your UX Design I must say you’re doing an amazing job.

Thank you!

This looks awesome, especially multi-filter support. Keep up the good work!

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The most attractive things to me here are the two instances of utilizing information TMDB already makes available that Infuse currently ignores — robust Cast & Crew biographical info and Television/Streaming network tags/filters.

Would love to be able to search/sort/display my TV collection by the series’ original broadcast/streaming networks. :+1:t3:

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@james Whats the chances of a UI refresh on the roadmap :slight_smile: pleases!


This is amazing. I particularly like native home/multi-user support. That would be the biggest functionality improvement. The integrations for RT, TuneFind, etc. would be next on my list. It’s great that you have time & energy to put into this, and hope Firecore is at least lurking in this thread. :slight_smile:

I like how the images have the titles versus the textless images that we currently have.


The current UI is sooooo outdated, I can’t wait for this must needed refresh , COME ON FIRECORE hire this guy already

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I agree. Infuse 7 is already 2 years old. We need a refresh and a modern look


I have been using infuse for several years because it is true that it is fast, intuitive, reactive but its big problem is its user interface UI

Today I do not understand why no one has changed this user interface, it is sad and does not represent the dynamism of the staff

PLEASE let us discover something other than this home page that we have known for years knowing .
that a lot of concept circulates in the forums like this .


Awesome, wonderful, fantastic, awesome!!!

Infuse really needs to update its interface, its look is very outdated, it’s a marvel in every aspect except its look, please, we beg you, update and implement these suggested changes!

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Frankly I am indeed shocked that this isn’t in Suggestions. This is amazing. @james please take a look.


Wow, I really like this concept :100:🫶🏻

A Design renovation is really needed these days, look at all the streaming services, the UI and UX are mandatory and most of the the times buttery smooth. We need an urgent complete makeover of this great application, for all devices, I’m big fan of Apple’s TV app and Disney Plus design language (but nothing beats Netflix’s smoothness and loading speeds :slight_smile:


Remember that Netflix and the other streamers’ GUIs live on vast servers while Infuse has only the limited resources of your own Apple Device to run on.

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Got to say, I hate the designs shown here and much prefer the design infuse has now. Sorry!

If I wanted the look and feel of Apple TV+ and others I’d stick to using the computer app! I loathe the top menu that apple (and 90% of apps) use.

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GUIs run locally on your Apple TV, it’s the same for Infuse or Netflix or anyone else. It would not be smooth if the GUI was being loaded over the internet.

Netflix loading times are great, but this can be achieved with infuse if you have a good enough local network setup (a fast NAS, a good router, wired networking, etc)

What Netflix has is a lot of cash to pay a huge team of developers! Which is something we should remember when comparing them to Infuse, which is maintained by a MUCH smaller team.

Personally I’m fine with the Infuse GUI, I’d rather the developers put their time into new features, bug fixes, and playback.


If there’s a new UI, great, but I’d be happy with just the option to replace the simple white title with the logo. It would immediately give a cleaner and more modern look to the UI.

Honestly, I love 99.9% of what’s been shown here. Although, I’m a huge sucker for the Classic View…

Something on the same vein as this would be cool: