[Concept] Infuse 7 for tvOS

Hi again everyone!

Over the past few weeks I’ve been working on a brand-spanking-new concept of Infuse 7 for tvOS. I originally intended to just add this to the ongoing post, but the more I iterated on the design, the more I realized that this wasn’t just a few tweaks of the old mockup—it quickly became a big enough departure from the original concept to merit creating a new thread here since almost every aspect of it has been changed.

My original Infuse 7 mockup ended up being a radical departure from the Infuse we know and (mostly) love today. And while I still stand by that design, the more things I changed, the more I felt like I was taking away Infuse’s identity in favor of making it an Apple TV clone. On top of that, Infuse 7 was officially released! And for the most part, it looks pretty damn good. So for this new concept, I chose to focus on polishing what Infuse already has rather than completely reinventing the wheel.


So: the new Home Screen! Rather than a choice between three styles for the Home Screen, this concept simplifies the landing page with a carousel of all your On Deck items, backdropped by a beautiful hero image, pulled from The Movie Database. Note that the background uses a textless image, while the backdrops in the carousel default to backdrops that have the actual title.

Scrolling down reveals an experience that’s pretty similar to what we have now, with rows like Recently Added, Unwatched, and Movie Genres. The only major change here is that I decided to use backdrops instead of posters entirely one the Home Screen to emphasize the sort of horizontality of this section. (Vertical posters show up everywhere else, though.)

The only new additions here are a brand new design for the genre row—which now use a larger, more prominent horizontal strip—and the addition of a new Network row which allows you to filter through your library by broadcast origin.

I really wanted to make each row feel visually distinct, and adapt the design to fit the content.


Similar to my previous concept, the goal for Movies was to create an place that allows you to easily navigate all of your movies across all of your sources in a single place—no more flipping around different parts of the app just to sort your movies. The new sidebar features a dedicated play and shuffle button, along with some handy filters to sort by genre, rating, etc. A dedicated filter bar comes in handy when surfacing recent, unwatched, or collected content without having to go back to the Home Screen. (I’m admittedly not entirely sold on the filter bar, so if I ever get around to redesigning Settings, I might make this an optional feature.)

After selecting a movie, you’re treated to a design that’s pretty similar to both the iOS concept I made and what Infuse already has to offer, so there shouldn’t be any major growing pains here. (Yes, I know the buttons are a bit odd—I think Infuse uses its own custom buttons, and I do plan on switching to those at a later date. So basically just pretend they look exactly like how they do now!)

Scrolling below this page you’ll now see two rows—one for trailers (pulled from TMDB) and one for cast and crew (also pulled from TMDB). Tapping on, say, Scarlett Johansson’s image will take you to a page of all the movies and tv shows in your library in which she appears (screenshot pending). Scroll even further and you’ll find some handy information about whatever video file you’re watching. This section is pretty bare-bones right now, but there is room to add even more file information here, if needed.

As far as the now playing screen goes, the only thing that’s changed since the last concept are the chapter thumbnails, which are now a bit larger thanks to the 16:9 aspect ratio.

TV Shows

The new TV Shows screen is effectively identical to the Movies screen to keep things consistent. The sidebar and filters are identical, so the only major addition here is the ability to view TV show collections, if available.

The only major change here is the new Up Next card, which shows up once the credits start to roll. Rather than waiting for your current episode to end, just tap on the card and the next episode starts playing. Again, the goal here was to get rid of a lot of clutter from the last mockup.


I’d say the biggest change I made to this concept is for the playlist section! For this new version, I redid the entire design to keep things consistent between Movies, TV Shows, and Playlists. If you’re using Plex, the new landing page now pulls in the playlist cover art.

Clicking on the playlist brings you to a page that’s similar to the Movies and TV Show poster grid, with two major differences:

  1. The filter bar here sorts between the default playlist order, alphabetical order, and ordering by release year—no need to go into an entirely different screen to sort your playlists anymore.
  2. Again, if you’re using Plex, it’ll also surface the title and description of whatever playlist you have selected.

Wrapping up (for now)

For this new redesign, simplicity was a guiding principle: as previously mentioned, rather than radical changes, I decided instead to focus on small quality of life improvements that more closely align with Infuse’s current design philosophy. As such, a lot of what’s shown here isn’t drastic—just small things that hopefully make the Infuse experience a little better for both everyday and pro users. Looking towards the future, there are a few other things I’ll be working on fairly soon:

  • The poster grid does feel a bit cramped at the moment, so I think I’ll reduce the size of the thumbnails and increase the padding a little bit,
  • Unlike last time, I’m going to create some mockups for Library, Search, and Settings to make this design a little more comprehensive,
  • I need to figure out the filter bar situation, and whether or not to keep it,
  • I need to add a dedicated actor/actress page,
  • I need to add tv show trailers,
  • Maybe centering the custom logos above the buttons when selecting a movie or tv show? Not sure how that’ll look though,
  • When I finalized this draft, I didn’t have access to Infuse’s custom Favorites icons, but I’ll add them back to the Home Screen. They’ll look and function exactly the same as they do now, since I didn’t really see a need to change those.
  • One other thing I’m working on now is a more dynamic Home Screen experience through a few new “smart” rows: things like actor/actress collections, recently released movies/tv shows, maybe even a row that’ll automatically surfaces content by decades, complete with some snazzy graphics! Obviously, these rows would all be optional, so if you prefer a more straightforward experience, you can turn them off like any other row. I picture this as a sort of discovery section, giving new life to movies or shows that you may not have watched in a while.

As usual, this is a first draft, and feedback and things will likely change. I do like the more basic approach to this design, but it’s by no means perfect, and your feedback will be invaluable to determine what works, what doesn’t, and what really doesn’t. Let me know what you think!


Looks nice. This has everything I actually suggested in one form or another.

  1. Movie/Show Logos and if missing just use text just like Hulu does.
  2. Backdrops with text on them so text below them is optional.
  3. Browse shows by Network

I also like the Chapter Thumbnails, Trailers, and the other subtle details.

This is close to what I envision infuse getting to eventually.

Keep up the good work.

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