Computer freezing

Hi guys, I have a apple tv 4k and infuse 6, in 4k streeaming using smb the video starts very well but in 5 minutes lost the conection and my laptop freezing and dont go back. I have to reboot. Any tip? Thanks in advance and sorry about my english.

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First, what kind of laptop? Is the laptop going to sleep?
What are you having to reboot, ATV or laptop?
How is it connected WiFi, Ethernet, etc?
Does this happen on all videos?
What version of Infuse 6? Free, Pro, version number?

Hi, laptop lenovo legion i5, generation 8, 16Gb ram, SSd nvme 420Gb, Windows 10, SMB.
Laptop not going to sleep and I have to reboot the laptop (completely freezing, I have to press power button to reboot), the infuse give a lost conection message.
Wifi connection 5Ghz.
Happen more with 4k videos.
Infuse 6 Pro, apple store (date down 08/20/2020).

It sounds like the laptop is having problems of some sort. It may be the SMB protocol level. By default Infuse is set to “Auto” and that may have it trying to connect to the laptop at a higher level than it can support reliably.

If you go into Infuse Settings > Shares > Under saved shares select the laptop > Edit Share > Advanced > SMB Version and first try selecting SMB2 and then test things out and see if that helps, if not then change this to “Legacy” and see if maybe that will help.

This is just a guess but it appears that things point to a laptop/windows issue and not infuse from what I can tell.

Also as a side note, to see what version of infuse you are running you can go into Settings and scroll down to the very bottom and it will say something like “Infuse Pro 6.4.8 (3189)” and that’s the version number that helps when you have issues. :wink: