Computer doesn't detect Apple TV

I have a second generation Apple TV with the latest software on that it will accept. I’ve tried plugging it into two different Macs (Mavericks) and a Windows 7 VM, but nothing will detect that I have an Apple TV connected. I’ve tried two different cables, and with and without the power cable. What am I doing wrong?


  • Andrew.

Is it a model a1378? Also, does itunes detect the unit?

Thanks for the response. Yes it’s an a1378. No, it’s not detected by iTunes. I’ve tried a third computer, a MacBook Pro with FileVault and infrared turned off, and it’s not working on that computer either.

Try a 3rd cable…the shorter the better. For some reason the higher quality cables often don’t work as well as the cheap crappy ones. And usb ports on laptops are often underpowered which is why plugging the power cord in sometimes helps.

Also, try a windows machine.

Well thanks. I’ve used all the machines I have, a Mac Mini and two MacBook Pros. The light flashes on the Apple TV but it just isn’t recognized by the computer. I’ll try another cable if/when I find one around the house. Otherwise, jailbreaking this was supposed to just be a fun little project, so I’m not going to obsess about it.

Hopefully its the cable, simply because even itunes could not detect the unit.