Computer crashes when I try to enter via firecore


my computer crashes each single time I try to enter it via firecore. I have to do a restart but it still does not work but crashes again. What could be the problem? Thank you for your help.

Can you send in a bug report?

I was not sure what you mean from your post?

You are implying that your PC/Mac is crashing when the ATV2 tries to access media via a share on the PC/Mac. Is this what you mean? If so it would indicate a problem at the PC/Mac end as such systems should never crah when accessed remotely.

Alternatively, are you perhaps talking about the crash happening when you try and run SeasonPass or the FireCore installer?


The first statement is correct. When I try to access the “media” folder and click on “my files” on the atv2 the PC crashes some seconds afterwards, round about when the next window opens on the atv2. The atv2 keeps running as normal but the computer needs a reboot. This didn’t and still does not happen when I enter my computer via the original atv programmes.


Thank you for your help!