Composite video issue

Hi all,

I bought atv flash yesterday, in part because I needed something to hack output to get colour composite output. I followed all directions (here:, but found that when I restarted after adding tvcomposite text, the output was still b&w. I then started performing the steps in different order, and tried adding NTSC composite instead of PAL, and adding and removing tvcomposite.text.

While trying different things, I discovered that clicking left on the remote when going into tvcomposite gave me the option to unload, unload and delete or just delete. I tried unloading the kernel and, after a second, the display went to colour. However, I then went to change the resolution, and as soon as I did, it went back to b&w. I managed to replicate this a second time by unloading the kernel, and this time tried going to standby and then restarting, after which the colour dropped again.

Something is working in there somewhere, and I’m hoping that this provides enough information for someone to see where I’m going wrong. Would be hugely grateful for any assistance.

thanks in adavance

hi there,

just to close this out - i discovered that my tv is detecting the atv signal as NTSC, not PAL (which is kinda odd, cause I’m in Australia). Followed the directions for NTSC and everything is now working v nicely.

For anyone who’s interested, also found a nice script for changing the resolution so that the aspect ratio is not all squishy -


hi i had this problem and having walked away had a cup of tea and read this posting i gave it another go

i unloaded the composite enabler and re loaded it and it seems to work , dunno what happens when i up plug it or let it sleep

will update as things progress

ok few weeks on and were sort of getting there

seem that the add to local does not work as every time i start up the atv its in B & W so i have to reinstal every thing and lo and behold it then works in colour

bit of a pain thou

can this be fixed ?