Composite support AppleTV v3 firmware....

I have updated to latest AppleTV Firmware v3, and latest ATV v4

I was previously using a non-HD TV, via the composite cable support. Working nicely for my setup.

Now, following the upgrade this no longer works, and looking into this further it looks as those the V3 firmware no longer supports 480i resolution… thus the likely problem.

Anyone have any ideas?



I have the same problem. Anyone have a solution for this?

hi guys

just wanted to day that i have installed aTV to day and it works a treat ,

However once i had linked it up to my PAL crt and run the composite and found that i had colour i unpluged every thing to bury the wires round the back of the tv unit

when i pluged it back in no colour !! this was one of the main reasons for buying aTV and now i am a little puzzled what to do ?