Composite RGB on older TV - Request

Imagine my surprise when the only image i could achieve with my aTV was gray scale because my old Plasma TV only supports Composite RGB. After some research, I found a hack that works well BUT – would love a nice simple hack and possibly integrated so it can be a config option as sometime after rebooting the box - the hack does not take - and other times it’s all ok. Does this qualify as a worthwhile feature request?



ssh -1 frontrow@AppleTV.local
When prompted for a password, enter ‘frontrow’.

Copy File using FTP… Then

sudo mount -uw /
sudo chmod -R 755 TVComposite.kext
sudo chown -R root:wheel TVComposite.kext
sudo mv TVComposite.kext /System/Library/Extensions/TVComposite.kext

Then need to run it… Via ssh [until I can get it done automatically]

---------------- TRY THIS FIRST -----------
sudo mount -uw /
sudo cat /etc/rc.local > /Users/frontrow/colortv/rc.local
sudo echo /sbin/kextload -v /Users/frontrow/colortv/TVComposite.kext >> /Users/frontrow/colortv/rc.local
sudo mv /Users/frontrow/colortv/rc.local /etc/

that is how I did it. you could also
just sudo nano /etc/rc.local
and paste it at the end.

point it to your folder though… i put mine in a colortv subfolder

How to modify RC.local

It’s not that nano is bypassing the permissions on the file. It’s being called with sudo:
“nano rc.local” will edit rc.local in nano, which will give you your access rights problems.
“sudo nano rc.local” will call “nano rc.local” with all the privileges of root, which has access to edit and save the file.