Composite diddn't work

i have the newest apple tv, the newes atv flash utility (everything vom today). after installing the Smart Installer i installed the TVComposite for PAL. Afther that i use the “Add to rc.local” within the Kernel Extension Manager. i can boot how often i want and i can reedo this actions … nothing works, it is always b/w and no color on my TV Screen :frowning:

hi i have this problem to if you left click and " unload " the composite and then reload it , is should work again

the add to local doesnt not seem to stick

be handy if some one could fix this

“Left Klick” ? Where can i do that?

you are right, there is something not correct working with the autoload. the support told me , if i click on “play”, the color will come (didn’t come) but with your hint it will come (until the next reboot), i hope they will fix this soon within the next version of atv flash

Same problem here.

Bought aTV just to have Composite output.

Installing does not work, and looking at the consloe log, there is an “link” error while loading the extension… :frowning:

within 4.0.4 you can set up startup items, now it works pefect …

Has anyone managed to resolve this issue?

Does the latest f/ware enable composite by default and w/o issue?

Thanks in advance!

The new version has an added feature that should resolve some conflicts people have been seeing.

Instead of selecting ‘add to rc.local’ choose the option to create a startup item. This should allow the composite feature to start automatically when the AppleTV is powered on.

ok will give that a go and let you know

well it works ! for the first time i saw the apple mozaic tile start up in colour !

i unloaded the kext then reloaded it then removed the rc.local then created a start up item and works treat