Completely new Infuse setup

Well in a week i will get the new iMac. Untill now i used to stream from my old iMac in which i have 4 USB drives plugged.

Now i want a more simple and clean setup and is looking for nas to do the job.
In my House we have a 1000/1000 fiberconnection. I was looking for a rather “dumb” nas as a synology ds420j with 4, 8tb ironwolf drives in it.

But im insecure in my choice. Is this basic nas good enough, or should i Go for a more high end nas?

If you have the money go with a higher end NAS. The j series are good for backup and storage dumping but the extra horse power is better for media streaming.

Nothing worse than getting buyers remorse a few months down the road.

Just looking at the specs seems good enough for infuse but it only has 1GB of RAM. if you could bump that up to 4GB it would be better. For your disk selection, you could also look at WD red, they are roughly equivalent, and pick depending on the price/GB. In general you are probably limited by your gigabit connection on the NAS than any disk read speeds. Also make sure 8TB is enough. If you are raiding you lose some and want plenty to expand in the future. I made the mistake of going too small in the beginning and now I am full and will either have to replace all the drives or get a new system.

Also the biggest thing that will make an impact is whether you can have an ethernet connection to infuse devices or if will be wireless. You will want as much on Ethernet to have best experience.

WD Red drives are great drives but make sure you do your due diligence and research the SMR technology used in the WD Red vs the CMR used WD Red Plus and WD Red Pro.

Ok ok. Point taken:)…

Ok - so i summed up some alternatives. Similar prices:
Qnap TS-453D4
Asustor 6604T
Synology 920+

Which would you choose?

The snap and Asustor have the advantage of hdmi - for other streaming services.

It will be hardwired

This is what I went with and for now, 3 8TB WD Plus drives. If you use the Synology SHR raid format you can later add another drive of the same or larger size without problems.

I also have the synology 900 series and it works great.

But for infuse you don’t use all the specs that these 9xx provides right? Since everything is streaming directly from the drive, without any transcoding

Correct. I don’t use any transcoding features

It depends on which of the “specs” you’re referring to. The faster processor does help speed up the response in selecting, the ability to handle other tasks such as an audio server and other smart home features while serving files also is a plus.

And the biggie, when you don’t take into account future proofing your set up you end up in a short time having to put bandaids on your system to get it to handle the new codecs or formats that are always just around the corner.

Kinda like having an old iMac with external drives as a server, it’ll work but you may out grow it. :wink: ( did the exact same thing as you. LOL)

It’s worth having should sometime in the future you want to share your media library with someone who has android/roku/firetv devices and they require transcoding. The additional horse power allows you to run docker containers. I run them on my NAS to host things such as Ubiquiti’s UNMS and unifi controllers.

I run Qnap on my Mac system and it’s flawless, I’m sure Synology is very good also, they are similar and very different, Qnap is more (for want of a better word) flexible, you’re able to customise things if you’re so inclined, Synology is more plug and play, (though obviously you can change settings).

I would strongly recommend going with 2 x 2 drives though, like 2 WD and 2 Seagate, it’s a natural redundancy, if you buy 4 of the same and they’re the same batch , something goes wrong, they all go wrong (maybe), 2 different your raid covers you regardless of manufacturer.