Completed Installation but no ATVFLASH running when rebooted

I have done every step of the instruction and have installed the ATVFLASH successfully. Atleast according to the onscreen text and unplugged the device accordingly. However every thing returns to normal !! I have tried with ATV USB Creator and that went very smooth. What seems to be the problem ! :evil:

Are you running the aTV Flsh application on a Mac? If so did you see this screen when it was done?

If not, format the USB stick by first erasing the partition and then erasing the stick itself. If you are not sure what I mean let me know and I can expand on that. Re-do the aTV Flash application and don’t quit the application or click on anything else while the installation is going on. I’ve seen issues where I start the installation and then try to do something else on the computer and it doesn’t finished properly. Also if the flash drive is over 2GB, try and find a smaller flash drive. Hopefully some of this helps you.