Complete how to for a Novice

I want to stream AVI files from my Mac Book and my Time Capsule. But I can’t get it to work and keep getting network errors when trying to connect.

All instructions I have found in here so far don’t work, and seem to be insufficient (outdated) compared to the latest aTV Sw that I have installed on my Apple TV2.

Could someone please give my a complete how-to?

Sure, the guide for setting up streaming can be found here.

Hi James and thanx for your reply.

I have already tried this procedure, but I cannot connect to my TC. I get the error "AFP connection failed: unreachable network or incorrect login/password.

I have made a guest login on my TC, with the username “Guest” and a password. This are the same informations I use on the Apple TV and still I get this error.

What is it that IM doing wrong?


BTW, connection to my Mac works ok. Its only the TC Im having trouble with. :wink: