Complain about v.5,6,7 pricing

I’m trying to get a clear answer here.
I dont get why you guys are charging for another $75 when I already paid $13 something for v.5 and $22 something for v.6
Now you guys are asking for another $75 for v.7 ??
And if I’m not mistaken, I remember the banner on the ATV saying that when I paid for, not sure which one, v.6 perhaps, it was for lifetime and not just 1 year.

Now had I known that it was for a year only, I would’ve gone to pay the $75 route. But now you guys are charging even more for somethin I already paid.

I have receipts to prove that I paid for both (I seriously thought they were both for lifetime). I was even more confuse when I had to pay again for v.6

So I guess my complain is… why would you guys do this confusing thing? Seems like you guys are taking advantage of the misleading banner I had seen before. I’m almost sure the reason I paid because I thought I had a sense of a lifetime writting all over it.

Even worse, you guys didn’t even offer any discount to people who have been with you since v.5 and paid for v.6 as well. I think it is unfair to charge additional $75 when I already paid full price for v.6 and v.5

I think there should be 50% discount or something for people who already paid full price on both v.5 and v.6. I don’t know, I feel very cheated on this.

Its probably best to contact them directly via:

There is some info on the forums for when v7 was released. Unless you paid for the lifetime subscription you never received lifetime. There was only the current version standalone pro app. There is a one year promo with v7

I would have the lifetime price. But that wasn’t clear.
When I purchased v.5 and v.6 I was under the impression that they were both lifetime.
Had they been clear, people wouldn’t have made the mistake to go the long route and keep upgrading all the time by paying more and more.

By paying lifetime from v.5 upfront, I would’ve saved money. But now, I paid so much more than I should’ve. There’s should be a resolution to this, especially for people who got duped paying v.5 and v.6.

Thanks for listening.

If you believed the old versions were lifetime then that is lifetime in the sense that you got all the pro features and don’t have to keep paying to use the app. You just want all the latest updates and you bought the next major version. Technically there is no reason you have to switch to v7. You can keep using 6 pro. They will also backport TMDb TV Show transition to it. Also going forward this truly is lifetime for $75 or whatever. Split it up how you like to make it seem more reasonable or go with a yearly option for less. For instance, v7 is $25, v8 is $25, and v9 is $25.

I understand where you are coming from but subscription sharing wasn’t available until Dec 2020. And I don’t think the Infuse team thought about completely removing a standalone pro until they started working on v7 this year. Most people would have been on v6 for 1-2 years by then.

So there’s no plan to give discount to those who paid full for v.5 and v.6?
I seriously would’ve gone paid $75 on the get go, rather than paying separately for v.5, v.6 and v.7… which would cost so much more.

Very disappointing.

If you’re upgrading from an older version you can receive a free year of Pro, but unfortunately there are no plans to discount the lifetime license. Sorry.