Comparsion of Infuse 6 and 7?

Hello there,

I had used Infuse 6 pro for quite some years, just wondering should I upgrade to 7? Whats the benefit of upgrading to 7? Lifetime being around 100 USD is quite high.

  • Is there Dolby Atmos in 6? or 7?
  • It seems playing 4K video from my NAS with 6 is totally fine, is it actually doing any downscale? What about 7? I tried playing 4K video in 7 and it ask me for money !?
  • I only using Infuse at home and playing video from the NAS, last 2 generation of AppleTV 4K (with touchpad remote)
  • No Android TV version, or Windows?

You can take a look here at all of the enhancements done since v7 first came out. Lots of things like trailers, multi versions, Dolby vision, hlg, hdr10+, spatial audio, audio offset, custom collections, and a macOS version.

No change to Dolby Atmos or windows or android.

Just so you know that some people started having issues with v6 since it is 2 years since major update. APIs to services like TMDb can change and if you allow tvOS to update there could be problems that show up there too.

You can choose to do annual and it would be 10 years before it costs more, and you might even get a free year, don’t remember.

New version will always be new. You won’t have to worry about being stuck on 7 when 8 comes out

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